Paxful is one of the most trending marketplaces where customers can buy bitcoin and sell them. Online currencies are becoming the crucial currencies that the world has found so far and it will be the last resource for you if you are looking for an investment. The best thing about Paxful is the ability to use several payment methods including all the latest payment options. As Paypal is supposed to be a world accepted payment method, you might add an extra point for this website for that special thing as well. There are lots of things you need to know of this website and this article might help you in knowing all of them including how to use this website properly without scams and such things.

More about Paxful

Paxful was started in the US in 2015 with 100 employees and their transmission has now become a dream in such short notice. They have managed to get to the highest place where people are looking forward to trade bitcoin. Though it is not an easy thing to facilitate a site free of scams for the subscribers who are willing to trade bitcoins on an online platform, they have overcome those goals as well. If you are a person familiar with online trading, you will not need to know about the restrictions that have been built by individual countries in the world. That uncomfortable factor is not a thing to re-consider when making online trades. The other side of the geographical restriction is the requirement of one particular payment option for the users. That is such a headache when making trades as well. The thing you need to know is that Paxful is willingly accepting so many payment options. Even if you have a PayPal payment method, that’s a “yes” with this service provider. The first thing you can do for your future is to sign up and go along with Paxful for a better future.

Methods to buy bitcoin

The more you discover about this site, the more you will like its features for sure. One of the better things to know of Paxful is the ability to pay in several methods. Even though which part of the world you live in, you can see the options you have once you get to the Paxful website. There are over 300 payment options for a customer that can ease the buying process.

Buy Bitcoin with Paypal

Paypal is known as the best payment option all over the world. Though it is a worldwide accepted payment method, most of the online bitcoin trading platforms haven’t established links to Paypal yet. Unlike them, you can buy bitcoin through your PayPal account. All you need to do is to link the account. Then it will be a matter of your speed.

Buy Bitcoin with Skrill

Skrill is such a good thing that has happened in online payment culture. Though it is hard to see Paypal and Skrill at once, they are available as one of the payment options. As you can have many services for free, you might be having a skrill account in your e-money transactions.  So, it can be linked with Paxful pretty easily.

Buy Bitcoin with Bank Transfer/ Credit, Debit Cards

Though these things are considered as old fashioned stuff, you might have one of these payment options for sure. It doesn’t matter how many banks are in the world. What you need to do care is, if your bank is available on the list that can be used to buy bitcoin in Paxful. It is always easy to go with such typical things. It is always convenient to buy with a credit card.

Buy Bitcoin with Amazon Gift Cards

This payment option is such a good example to navigate your mind to realize how much it is easy to work with Paxful.  Even though you have received an Amazon Gift card that can be used to pay for some goods that can be used in a smart way like buying bitcoins.

There are plenty of options for you that can ease the entire process. All you have to do is to go to and keep looking at the screen. Then it will be displayed how many payment options are available for you. It is as easy as buying in a retail shop.


This is such a factor you should keep your eyes on. The thing for your pleasure is that you don’t have to pay to keep your account. It is free to keep an account live. But, you will have to pay a fee for a transaction you make. If you sell bitcoin, you will have to pay 1% of the transaction.  Additionally, there are some other fees like network fees, premium options fees, and the payment options fees. The more you keep your head clean and neat, the more you will be able to earn in leaps and bounds.


These levels mean how much you can transact and the level of security. This is such a measurement to buy bitcoin in a secured platform. 04 levels have been set up to achieve for the customers. In the basic or the first level, you will get the verification for your phone number and the email address you provide. The limit you can transact is $1500.  You will have to verify your ID with level 01 requirements to get to level 2. Then you will be able to extend the limit up to $10,000.  You will have to add your address to make sure if you want to get to the next level. The limit you get is the same as you get in level 2.  Once you proceed as a level 04 holding user, there will not be boundaries anymore. You will have to enhance due diligence to get there.

Customer Care

When comparing with other service providers in the world, Paxful has got an extended FAQ. So, it has been able to fulfill all your needs in the FAQs most of the time. If you have decided to go through a customer care representative, you will be able to reach them using a chatbox. If they are a bit busy at the moment, they will reach you once they are free.

Join the most reliable platform to Buy Bitcoin

Though how many platforms you can find, Paxful is the most secure and convenient one to reach your goals. Signing up Paxful is not just investing but reaching to your dreams by many steps.

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